About Us

Company History:

Greener World Landscape Maintenance L.L.C. was founded in 1999 by Joe and Doreen Potrikus. After working for various landscape operations throughout northern New Jersey, Connecticut, and the lower Hudson Valley, they decided to bring their expertise to Joe’s childhood hometown. Besides the routine landscape maintenance services for the residential and commercial properties, the decision was made in the infancy of the company to also focus on the emerging attention being made to athletic fields and the importance of appropriate maintenance to improve the playability and player safety. The company has since become a pioneer in advancing maintenance techniques and sports field management practices. We continue to expand our service offerings in sports field maintenance services to provide comprehensive management options across a broad spectrum of facilities from little league organizations to minor league and semi-pro stadiums. Our landscape maintenance service division offers “one stop shopping” for commercial, residential and institutional sites to include mowing, spring and fall cleanups, mulching, pruning, snow removal, and nutrient and pest management programs. We continue developing “green” landscaping initiatives with peer groups and industry leaders by offering erosion control and water management services such as hydroseeding and permeable pavers. We look at the landscape of an individual property not only as its own site but how it integrates with adjacent properties and the area as a whole so that our maintenance practices enhance a property beyond its borders. We perceive landscape maintenance as a long term process that maximizes the growth and development of a site, and allows individual and group plantings to achieve their potential in enhancing the environment.

Joe is currently on the board of directors of the New York State Turfgrass Association, serves on the advisory board of the State University of New York at Delhi’s horticultural curriculum, and is a Certified Sports Field Manager. Doreen manages office operations, and is actively involved in civic groups in Cooperstown.