Fertilizing, Pest, & Weed Control Services

Offering services in Fertilizing & Pest Control; using a variety of products that includes organic products; we are here to make your outdoor world greener and healthier! Please contact us for more information today!

  • Estate Program: This program is for the most discerning property owner. Services in this option include:

    1. Monthly fertilizations from April through October

    2. Properly timed applications throughout the year for crabgrass, broadleaf weeds, and insects

    3. Core aeration in the late summer/early fall

    4. Spot seeding throughout the year/overseeding with aeration

  • Standard Program: Our most popular program, and the one you are currently set up for. This is the most economical program we offer, with the most predictable results. The program includes:

    1. Four applications throughout the year, each containing fertilizer

    2. Pre-emergent crabgrass control in the spring

    3. Broadleaf weed control two times per year

    4. Surface insect control

    5. Grub control if needed as an optional treatment

  • Hybrid Program: The program includes a combination of standard lawn care treatments and organic fertilizers. The goal of this option is to gradually move your treatments from a standard to organic program. Services include:

    1. Four applications of fertilizer throughout the year consisting of organic and/or organic based fertilizer

    2. Pre-emergent crabgrass control

    3. Broadleaf weed control

    4. Surface insect control

    5. Grub control if needed as an optional treatment

  • Organic Program: The organic program is ideal for those who desire a healthy, dense lawn, but are not concerned with weeds, and will tolerate damage from insects, diseases, and other pests. The program includes:

    1. Five applications of organic fertilizers, which may be applied in granular or liquid form.

    2. Aeration in late summer/early fall

    3. Lawn seeding using endophyte enhanced grasses, which naturally prevent surface feeding insect damage. (Additional charges will apply for slice seeding these grasses into the lawn.)

    4. This program offers no pre or post emergent weed control of any kind.

  • Flex Program: A truly customizable program for lawns larger than one acre. We will provide as few as two treatments per year, based on the goals you want to achieve in improving or maintaining your property.

    • Tree and Shrub Care: For the other parts of your landscape, we will build a program based on the types of plants you have, as well as their size and maturity. Programs can include:

      1. Insect treatments

      2. Disease controls

      3. Fertilizations

      4. Pruning

      5. Mulch installation/bed preparation

      6. Deer repellents

If you would like any information on any of these programs, give us a call!